Welcome Fellow Knitters and Crocheters!!


Will all skeins look identical? 

No they will not, although I do my best, but each skein is made to order and hand dyed either individually or in small batches. Each skein will have its own unique characteristic look. Rest assure though that each colorway uses the EXACT same amount of dyes and the EXACT same dye colors. I never stray from my recipes :) 

How do I buy wholesale? 

Wholesale is now an option at Pumpkins and Wool! 
All you have to do is simply look to the side bar on the left and click on Shop Wholesale. Instructions and pricing information are all right there for you to read :) I do quantities of 10, 15 and 20 skeins with FREE shipping. Each of these orders will be Made to Order. With a turn around time of 2-4 weeks.

Does my order come with tracking?

Yes your order comes with a tracking number. I always use USPS for my shipments. Which includes a tracking number and insurance on your order. When an order is mailed you will receive an email with that tracking number for your records :) 

How do I find out more about crocheting?

If you are like me and love to crochet, then please feel free to check out my blog Falling for Crochet. You can find my tutorials on my website!
I have tutorials I have made personally and I also gather up a bunch of amazing FREE patterns for you crocheters to try :) Please visit and follow my YouTube Channel! 

Are refunds accepted?

I'm sorry, but I do not accept refunds. Due to the fact that everything is handmade and made to order.