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Reading your Yarn Label

Heather Fiege

The name of the yarn company will always be on the front of the label

When it comes to buying yarn it is important to take a look at the information that is on the label. Trust me when I say there is nothing worse than thinking you bought the right size of yarn for a project only to find out that it’s not the right one size at all, or you thought you bought enough skeins when you are short yardage.

So let’s save you the trouble of playing the guessing game and let me help you to read the labels! 

Ok so let’s break down the first picture above:

  • 1. Weight – this will tell you the weight of the yarn. 4 Medium – Worsted, 3 Light – DK, 2 Fine – Sport, 1 Super Fine -Fingering/Sock, etc.
  • 2. Gauge – this section tells you the proper size hook/needles you should use to obtain the 4″x4″ gauge. This is very important for garments.
  • 3. How much yarn – this will tell you just how much yarn is in this particular skein/ball. This is very important and will save you having to run back to the store or order more yarn in the long run. Take a minute and do the math to make sure you get the right amount of skeins/balls of yarn. *remember it’s always important to get an extra skein, in case you need to go up a hook size and need more yarn. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 
  • 4.  Fiber Content – This part will tell you about what type of fiber you are working with. For this particular ball I have, it’s 100% acrylic.
  • 5. Label Pattern) - Each yarn label usually provides you with a pattern to try using this type of yarn you are purchasing. It will either be on the outside or the inside of your label.
  • 6/7/8. Batch Information –  This information is rather important. Say you buy two balls of yarn, with the same name Ex. Lilac. But as you’re working, you notice the colors are off… well, this is because they may be from different batches. Some yarn labels will give you either a date (like you see under #8) or they will provide a number. Try to find the same label information on each ball/skein of yarn you get so there isn’t a color difference.
  • 9. Name – this part is always my favorite. This tells the name of the colorway.
  • 10. SKU – This number is the stores identification number. If you were to go online and you forgot the name, but you had the SKU number. You could search for the yarn that way. Or if you call a store, provide this number so the employee can let you know if the yarn is in stock or not.

  • Last, but not least is number 11.

    • 11. Wash and Care Information – this information is to help you to take care of your finished piece. Is this yarn machine washable? Should you wash on Hot or Cold? Can you iron this yarn? Well, let’s take a look at the label. For this type of yarn, it’s saying the following: It is machine washable. Do NOT bleach. Normal Dry/Low Heat. Do NOT Iron. Do NOT dry clean. Some yarn labels, like this one, will provide some written instructions as well, such as Machine washable and dryable.

Below I have provided a Care/Wash cheat sheet by The Craft Yarn Council.

If dots or numbers are shown inside the “tub”, they indicate water temperatures.
Washing Symbols


Bleaching Symbols


Drying Symbols



Ironing Symbols


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