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Learn how to crochet the Seed Stitch

Heather Fiege

Hello everyone 

Today I am bringing you guys a super easy crochet tutorial. This stitch is PERFECT for beginners and can be used in many projects, for example, beanies, scarves, and if you have cotton yarn, dishcloths. When you have worked several rows of this stitch you will begin to notice a weaved look, which is pretty similar to the knitted seed stitch.


Knitted Seed Stitch
Crocheted Seed Stitch

The Seed Stitch involves the foundation stitches – slip knot, chain, single crochet, and double crochet.

Go ahead and get your materials ready and let’s get started!


I’m using a polymer crochet hook 6.0mm (J/10)

Red Heart With Love yarn in the colorway Bluebell



CH(s) – Chain(s)

ST(s) – Stitch(s)

T – Turn

SC – Single Crochet

DC – Double Crochet



This stitch is worked in odd numbers

The Seed Stitch = 1DC & 1SC

You will alternate in each row. Meaning that a SC will be worked into the DC from the previous row and a DC will be worked into the SC from the previous row. You will continue this for all of your rows. Make sure you CH 1 and turn your work at the beginning of each new row. (except the foundation CH).


Row 1 – To begin CH an odd amount of STs. For this tutorial I crocheted 15 CHs. Work 1 SC in the 2nd CH from hook. and in each stitch, until you reach the very end. (14 STs).

Row 2 – CH 1, work 1 SC in the first ST. Then work 1 DC in the next SC ST. *work 1 SC in the next ST, work 1 DC in the next ST. Repeat from * until you reach the end of your row. You will end the row with a DC. (14STs).

Repeat Row 2  until you have reached your desired length.

Try some of these FREE patterns featuring the Seed Stitch

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